The Structure of your Sites; To Silo or not to Silo

Search engines have evolved. The engines with their bots and crawlers track the organization structural patterns of your sites. The secret here is to have your website structured naturally and logically as i you were writing a thesis paper with topic and subtopic, introduction, main body, and epilogue. The purpose of such a structure is to make it easy for the website user to navigate your site. Make sure that you’ve organized content in a meaningful way. True martial world

Remember that you can always rewrite your online content so change and experiment with different keywords and key phrases over time to produce the best results for your online business. Consider building a couple of websites to see which version of your online content ranks better and faster.

Silo sites are sites that are organized structurally to boost the main landing page in the search result pages by relevant content on the site which links back to the landing page which is optimized for the primary keywords. Content of your site should be valuable to the end user however quantity is not as important as one might think. Constant updates of content are not necessary since the engines do not factor in the updates in the algorithm behind the intricate workings of search engines.tales-of-demons-and-gods

The crucial factor to ranking is to keep close attention to how your content is organized and linked on-site and off-site. You can easily create a silo site by making a plan of your SEO content for the webpages of your website. First you need to focus on long-tail keywords and expanding on those long-tails with additional keywords and phrases. These keywords are the skeleton of your silo site. A silo site is like a thesis on a specific topic that expands with sub-topics which all link back to the main topic to support it and rank it in the search result pages. Tales of demons and gods

The goal of a silo site is to rank higher for your main target keyword with all the secondary articles with long-tail keywords and phrases that all link back meaningfully and in an organized tier structure to the primary keyword optimized landing page. The long-tail keywords of your site are the waves that push your main keyword up in the search result pages. Remember that you still need backlinks from other sites in your niche that link back to your silo site. Silo sites will always rank longer than non-silo organized sites due to the changing landscapes of the world-wide web.



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