Hinamatsuri – A Unique comedy story with some extremly funny stuff!

Nowadays, you can find a lot of comedy manga out there on the internet, often with some girls talking about random stuff, but the majority of them aren’t really that amusing. And that’s really excellent! Though they may not be that funny, still they bring a smile to my face and are worth reading.
Well, Hinamatsuri Manga  is different in my opinion. This manga is VERY funny. I can stop laughing while reading it. There were some scenes were I actually needed to laugh for some time before I could continue reading. Hina is just such a slow and weird girl, it’s extremely hilarious, and additionally some of the scenarios with the side characters are merely pretty comical.

What I love about the manga is the way that it isn’t really exaggerated: Many comedy mangas try to present some ‘insane’ and ‘over the top’ material to make folks laugh, but not here: Most of the time, the stuff which occurs here is not that unrealistic, it could actually occur in real life (to some extent), and that’s also what makes it so great. It is kind of ‘real life-situations’, which will be extremely funny is those actually occurred. The artwork, which doesn’t uses SD scenes, but rather ‘realisticly warped faces’, does a quite great job in supporting this.


“Hinamatsuri” has an extremely odd and uncommon setting: The male protagonist is a revered yakuza member, and one day, a girl with powerful psychic powers appears in his appartment as well as their life together starts. There are some humor mangas which executed this convention well, and a lot which did.

Well, Hinamatsuri is different. There has been no chapter so far which was ‘sad’ or had no humor in it. Slice of Life is the perfect genre for this: Just relaxing content, no play junk.
Every chapter of “Hinamatsuri” stays true to it’s comedic nature. There is no chapter where suddenly everything gets tense and serious, no. It’s consistently got the bright mood of it’s.
However don’t get this wrong: The storyline undoubtedly progresses. Scenarios changes for lots of the side characters. Additionally, we do actually get acquainted with more about Hina and where she came from. But it’s all presented in a funny manner and extremely slowly, so the manga consistently keeps it’s “Slice of Life” character.
Furthermore, some scenes might be somewhat emotional, for instance, when a side character has to start living as a homeless person. But the mood never gets dim. The character stays strong, and so does the humor.
Here, I also need to praise the characters: They are really really wonderful.

The setting is really unique. The humor is excellent. You can’t find it in other comedy mangas. Not like this Hinamatsuri. Because the way of the story in this manga is so damn amazing. The manga never fails to keep up the bright disposition of it’s and soon, you may come to love most of this manga’s characters. If you’re looking for good comedy Japanese Manga to read, I’ll recommend this to you!!


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