The Conscious Mind and the Unconscious Mind Operate as One Consciousness

The human psyche or the whole consciousness is made out of two minds which operate as one, the one without the other will never function. The conscious mind is the one which sees, hears, feels, smells, senses, touches with the limited physical senses and usually thinks the physical is the only reality. The conscious mind is personal, individualized, shaped by our past and present to certain degrees. The conscious mind chooses what it will take in and what it will intake, it discriminates based on past experiences, teachings, situations, lessons, and senses. In religions and in myths, the conscious is personified as a male, a hero or an anti-hero, a physical, cruder representation of the one part of the human psyche. The unconscious mind doesn’t select nor discriminate. It’s not personal; it takes in everything and is potentially unlimited, even when the conscious mind limits it with its own limited perception, sensory opinions, thoughts and emotions. The unconscious mind is in part connected to other unconscious minds to various degree and depth depending on the intimacy of relations with other people, hence why some mothers sense when their child is in danger even if they are miles away. read re monster light novel It’s no wonder that the unconscious mind is then personified in religions and myths as the female, the mother or the witch, the hag, the heroine or the anti-heroine, the elusive virgin, the holy mother, the prostitute, or the virgin. The unconscious mind is more responsive to intense emotions, to visuals, to energy either positive or negative instead of limited physical senses the conscious mind has.

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The unconscious mind takes in emotionalized visuals and perceives them as reality. The conscious mind might dictate what’s real or not real, but to the unconscious mind everything is real if it’s backed by intense emotion and intense visuals. In order to manifest, or project the inner understanding of emotions, thoughts and visions the unconscious mind reproduces the conscious perception to the outside. The unconscious mind is pure intuition as well, so it’s wise to listen to the so called gut feeling from time to time despite what the conscious rational mind is observing or thinking. This is why people say a woman’s intuition whenever a woman gets something right, because to observe that maybe a woman has a rational intellect might hurt way too many fragile egos. The unconscious mind is a womb which if filled with a positive idea, visual, emotions will recreate those ideas, visuals, emotions to the outside world sooner or later, because that is its automatic function regardless of what the previous negative circumstances were. The conscious mind then only observes what the unconscious has created or recreated in the outer reality and takes it within its psyche’s mechanism back again. The inside world and the outside world are one, are connected just the same way the conscious and unconscious minds are connected. As an example, an individual which has not gotten over some trauma might unconsciously project that trauma into the outer world and thus imprison themselves into reliving their trauma without meaning to of course. An individual who has cultivated positive visualizations of their positive desired goals and feelings will see them grow outside their psyche or in the so called outer world. An individual constantly worried about a particular thing in their lives, is giving too much energy to that thing and thus realizing it or manifesting it into their lives unknowingly. martial god asura An individual convinced in failure meets failure in their life over and over again. While the perception and feelings of failing are shaped by our past, our circumstances, our parents, our society, our entire civilization, the fact remains that any individual can always change the lead (doubt, fears, worries, anger, hatred, sickness) into gold (peace, happiness, wealth, joy, love, forgiveness, health) by practicing in their imagination visuals of positive feelings and visions of how they wish to see their lives on the outside over time and with secured faith in their inner power of transformation. The human psyche might seem like a fragile structure, but all of its structure can be reshaped, influenced, fixed over time and with visualization techniques charge with positive images and feelings regarding one’s person, life, circumstances, situation, bank account, romance, competence and abilities. While some past or present traumas are difficult to face, to overcome, it’s important to


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